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  • Foreword
  • Why I Care
  • Preface: A Deadly Evacuation
  • Chapter 1 Climate Change
  • Chapter 2 The Lie
  • Chapter 3 A Little Nuclear History Beer and Bananas: When Radiation is Safe and When It Isn’t.
  • Chapter 4 DNA and Hormesis When Radiation Can Even Be Good for You
  • Chapter 5 The Consequences of Overreaction Alarming ALARA
  • Chapter 6 What’s so Great about Nuclear Power? Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima
  • Chapter 7 The Fossil Fuel Record Safety and Death-prints
  • Chapter 8 Powering Ships and Desalination What’s a Light Water Reactor? Waste Management What’s a MSR? What’s a LFTR?
  • Chapter 9 Blowin’ Wind
  • Chapter 10 PV Solar Concentrated Solar Power – CSP Biomass
  • Chapter 11 The Opposition Anti-nuclear Zealots and Profiteers
  • Chapter 12 Recommended Reading An Appeal to Reason

"Our oceans have been slightly basic for millions of years, having an average pH of 8.2. (7.0 is neutral, being neither acid nor basic.) However, in the last 250 years, our excesses of CO2 have lowered ocean pH from 8.2 to 8.1."

"That might seem trivial, but because the pH scale is logarithmic, not linear, this represents a 30% increase in acidity, and a pH of 8.0 or 7.9 will mean death to many species, including phytoplankton, and near-death to the oceans that provide 20% of our protein and 50% of our oxygen."

"Even if we stop burning carbon today, we will still have almost 1.2 trillion tons of excess, man-made CO2 in our atmosphere to deal with. It is no exaggeration to say that we only have a few years, not decades, to prevent the next 0.1 drop in pH."


"As the Arctic warms, the tree line is slowly moving north, as are robins, black bears and a host of “southern” insects. I have seen these changes and many more."

"From 1967 to 2008, I spent parts of 38 summers “bush flying” all across northern Canada and Alaska. There, winters are now at least five weeks shorter than they were just 50 years ago, and the shrinking icepack is leaving polar bears insufficient time to fatten up on seals, with many bears coming off of the springtime ice severely underweight. Some are drowning, having become too weak to survive what was once, for a healthy polar bear, an easy 100-mile swim to shore."

"Once ashore, these weakened bears face a new hazard: Grizzly bears are expanding their range, and even a healthy polar bear is no match for a grizzly bear."


"Even if we find a way to emit less CO2 than is being absorbed, our oceans will continue to acidify because the extra CO2 we have already created will persist in our atmosphere for hundreds of years, and in the oceans for tens of thousands of years, which is why we must develop some form of corrective geo-engineering. Doing that will require huge amounts of CO2-free, non-polluting nuclear power. Nothing else will do. In fact, reducing acidification must become a worldwide priority if we are to avoid a life-changing oceanic and humankind disaster."


"To summarize: Our planet's ocean life can sequester a billion tons of CO2 per year by making shells, skeletons, limestone, etc. However, the 1/3 of the 1.8 - 2 trillion tons that the ocean has already absorbed has lowered ocean pH close to extinction levels for many organisms."

"Ocean warming has worsened the threat, and 2050, not 2100, is the key oceanic end-of-life date – and this doesn’t include the warming caused by methane released from thawing permafrost and sub-sea methane hydrates. Therefore, getting atmospheric CO2 levels down to 350 is probably meaningless, if we don't protect ocean chemistry."


"Because of Germany’s knee-jerk response to Fukushima (the Nuclear Exit Law that Merkel inherited), 46% of their electricity now comes from biomass and coal, half of which is lignite. (According to a Deutsche Welle report, Merkel said the nuclear phase-out decision was "absolutely wrong," during a meeting of the CDU and the Christian Social Union.)"

"As a result, Germany’s CO2 levels are soaring, and many consumers are now energy-poor due to rising electricity prices and taxes that subsidize their “green” energy."

"Up to 800,000 Germans have had their power shut off because they couldn’t pay their bills. In addition, building the 17,000 miles of power lines (which can lose 10% of the power), to serve Germany’s renewables is expected to cost $27 billion. Some manufacturers, faced with rising power bills are heading to the US, where power prices are 1/3 of Germany’s."


"Helen Caldicott, Barry Commoner, Ralph Nader and others who did good work in ending atmospheric nuclear bomb testing, shifted to being against everything nuclear when the testing ended. Unfortunately, their success in limiting CO2-free nuclear power has accelerated Climate Change and aided the expansion of environment-damaging 'alternatives.'"

Because they have refused to educate themselves on radiation safety and their incomes are enhanced by promoting radiophobia, they rely on distortions and falsehoods: Caldicott always conflates nuclear energy with nuclear bombs even though the two processes are very different."

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